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Fafy Aiop Team with Margaret

Your Pages

After you log into your AIOP account,

Under “Toolbox”

click “Splash Builder”

click “Splash Pages”

You will see 4 pages I made for you:

FafyCap1 – your capture page
FafyCap2 – your capture page
FafyThank1 – people will see it after they opt-in through any of your capture pages
FafyThank2 – your prospects will see it after they confirm their subscription

You may edit your Thank You pages, but please remember
that when anyone on your list asks me to put my system in their AIOP account,
I will give them what I gave you originally.

You may create your own Capture Pages.
In this case please ask Jason Wise (our Team leader) for his approval before you start promoting it.

If you have an idea for another capture page but you have problems with executing your idea
– please contact me or Jason (through FAFY support system) and we do our best to help you. 

But, I may ask you to let me share your capture page with other Team members as well.

Banners on your Pages

You can place banners promoting your other program or your favorite safelists, or whatever you want
on your Capture Pages (I would suggest: below the opt-in form) and on your Thank You pages.

Make sure that your other website opens in a new window.

As for a banner on your Thank You pages – especially the first one
– I think you shouldn’t promote any other program here,
but sharing your favorite advertising method with your future prospects
(they have not confirmed their subscription at this moment)
could be a great idea.