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Why the FAFY AIOP Team rotator is the best

To explain why FAFY AIOP Team Rotator is the best
I must start by telling you about other rotators of my previous (not only AIOP) teams:

1) All team members promote the same team capture page

* we are not building our lists, but the list that belonged to the team creator.

2) Every team member receives their personal capture page to build their list
but we all promote the same rotator.

* although each member builds their own list,
* people who promote the most are the biggest contributors,
that is: they spend their time and money on building income for other members.
* After a while they become disappointed with their team…

3) Similar to the above, but all team members are splited into small sub-teams
and each sub-team has its own rotator.

* It may happen (it happened to me) that every member of such sub-team may not know how to promote to bring results.
* Outcome – members of this sub-team are unable to earn…

4) You receive from your team an autoresponder campaign
(a capture page linked to a series of autoresponder messages).
Sometimes also some additional help and guidance,
but every member promotes their own referral link.

Every team member
– while building their list and taking care of building their own downline and income
– helps other team members as well.