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Why should you bother to build a list?

Hello again,

Yesterday I promised to tell you more about the benefits of building a list.

So, Why should you bother to build a list?

If you promote your program website directly,
or even a splash page without giving your visitors
a chance to give you their email address …

… your visitor – to visit your site again – will have to bookmark it.
Fat chance.

When you promote a capture page
(a page with a special form allowing your visitor to give you their name and email)

– it’s so easy for your visitors to type their email!


From now on every your visitor will be on your list
will receive numerous follow-up emails
– from you but sent to him or her (all of your leads)
by your AIOP autoresponder: on your behalf & on auto-pilot.

Top earners know this: “Money is in the Follow Up”

Please remember that
the basic email series you will receive from us
plus information how can you build any income stream
at the same time (tomorrow).

In other words:

>> By promoting just ONE link (your capture page)
YOU can build as many income streams as you want!