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Why I recommend FAFY AIOP Team

I do hope that after reading my previous emails
you understand why I recommend AIOP.

It’s time now to explain why I recommend FAFY AIOP.

I joined AIOP with this team on February 9th, 2019.
But my very first AIOP account I created 3 years earlier, on February 2nd, 2016.

FAFY AIOP Team is my final AIOP team.
I will not leave it nor I ever join any other team.

I joined this team:

1) because I already trusted the team creator – Jason Wise.

2) there is no hit requirement.

3) When I learned about the team rotator invented by Jason
– I realized that **for the first time ever**
I would be with a team which promise is not only realistic,
but also: the first time ever I’m happy with the team rotator. 🙂
As a result: I would be able to wholeheartedly recommend my team. Finally!

The main aspect of the rotator invented by Jason is:

Every team member
– while building their list and taking care of building their own downline and income – helps other team members as well.