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Why I recommend AIOP

AIOP stands for All In One Profits.

The creators of this biz:
1) Isabela Alexanian – a lady from Romania
2) Johan van Geffen – a gentleman from the Netherlands

are giving all the members almost all the marketing tools
that you need to build a successful online biz.

Your cost for all these tools is very low – just $11.50 per month.

But that’s not all – for bringing new people to AIOP
 – you are rewarded very handsomly
(and the pay plan is very simple)

Per every person in your downline – every month you get paid $10.

It means

– just 1 referral and your monthly cost drops to some $2,

– just 2 people in your downline – you are in profit!

Tomorrow I will tell you more about AIOP Pay Plan,
today I’d like to explain the value of the marketing tools

To build a successful online biz
(and you need this if you want to make any real money online)
– you must build a list.

– to build a list you must somehow “make” people join your list.

The best way to do this is to show people a page that would capture their attention.
And these people must be able to somehow give you their name and email address.

You can easily create such a page with AIOP unlimited Page Builder tool.
(you can use the page you will receive from us)

If you place on your page a special opt-in form
– you will be able to collect names and emails
of those people whose attention your page captured.

But to be able to create your opt-in form
– you must have access to some autoresponder service.

It so happens that AIOP,
besides an Unlimited Page Builder tool,
gives you an Unlimited Autoresponder as well.

After you start collecting people’s names and emails,
you must somehow start sending them your letters/emails/messages.

And again, an autoresponder comes to your aid
– you write your letters just once, put them in your autoresponder
(or you let me put my letters in your autoresponder)
and your autoresponder takes care of sending all your letters
(on days determined by you) to all people on your list on your behalf.

“People on your list” are called “prospects”, or “leads”, or “subscribers”.

“On days determined by you” means this:
– the very 1st letter every your lead receives as soon as they confirm their subscription
(after filling the opt-in form on your page),

– the 2nd letter can be sent (on auto pilot) the next day, or 2 days later, and so on.
– you tell your autoresponder when every letter is to be delivered.

Thanks to your capture page and a series of autoresponder letters
you are building your list and online business on auto-pilot.

The only thing you must do is to promote your capture page.