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Why I love FAFY AIOP team rotator so much

Every team member
– while building their list and taking care of building their own downline and income
– helps other team members as well.

Each member receives a special Team Website that lists all the benefits of the membership of
– FAFY (great place to promote any of your programs),

Let’s say you joined our team and received your personal Team Website.

Let’s imagine that Bob saw your capture page, opted in and after reading some of the letters he received from you, he decides it would be a great idea to join our Team as well.

To be a member of our Team Bob must join both FAFY and AIOP.
If Bob already has a FAFY account – he can’t create another one,
but if he is not a member yet – he will join as your referral!

However, he not necessarily join AIOP as your referral.

Each of us receive a special (personal) rotator.
Your rotator consists of
1) your personal AIOP link, and
2) the link to the Team Rotator.

When on the Team Website someone clicks “Join AIOP”:
– 2 clicks in a row open your own AIOP site,
– 3rd click open an AIOP site that belongs to a random team member.

So, as you can see, this is a WIN-WIN situation – when you promote your capture page

* – EVERY ONE who opts-in will be on your list.

– Some of these people will join AIOP and/or 2by2ForYou as your referrals,
– but at the same time you have a chance to receive an AIOP referral from the efforts of any other team member!

Jason Wise (the creator of our team) is also promoting.
When a person from his list decides to join AIOP – they ALWAYS join through the team rotator (Jason does not promote his own AIOP link).

Also – in our FAFY backoffice there is a section dedicated to FAFY AIOP.
When an existing FAFY member decides to join our team, and does it through the link to be found in that section – they always join as a referral of a random team member.