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Fafy Aiop Team with Margaret

When you have a new referral or a downline member

Send them a Welcome Message.

  • When you have a new referral
    AIOP will send you an email entitled:
    “You referred a new member to All In One Profits”.
  • When you receive a passed up downline member,
    AIOP will send you an email entitled:
    “You got a new member in your downline at All In One Profits”

In every autoresponder message your prospects
(people who filled the form on your capture page and confirmed their subscription)
receive from you, they can read this:

To have exactly the same marketing system (personalized for you)
– contact Margaret at
– she will need your FAFY username and AIOP username & password

Not all your referrals (and none of your passed-up-to-you downline members)
are receiving your autoresponder messages.

It would be a good idea to send
a Welcome Message to every new member of your downline

my suggestion of such a welcome message


My name is …. and I’d like to sincerely welcome you to FAFY AIOP Team
and, especially, to my own AIOP downline.

I hope you’ve contacted Jason Wise (the owner of FAFY and creator of our Team).

If not, do this now:

Jason must know that you joined AIOP as a member of our Team
to add you into the Rotator and to give you the promised more advertising at FAFY
and to tell you all you need to know.

By the way, if you haven’t joined FAFY yet,
here’s my link:
[enter your FAFY link here]

I not only build my AIOP downline (and income) but also my list.

One of other Team members, Margaret, when she discovered that from Jason
we only receive splash pages to promote, decided to create her own promotional system
(capture pages, thank you pages and autoresponder messages)
and share this system will all of us.

These are my capture pages:

[enter here the links to your capture pages]

Please feel free to opt-in through any of them
and see if you like what Margaret has done.

To have exactly the same system (personalized for you of course)
– contact Margaret at
– she will need your FAFY username and AIOP username & password

She will get back to you as soon as possible.
She will also answer all the questions you may have.

Margaret has also a special info website for us

To your success,

[your name]