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Fafy Aiop Team with Margaret

All about Thank You pages

Always – when you click HERE on this page – an example site opens in a new tab.

Option No.1 – Do nothing
default Thank You pages will be included into your FAFY AIOP campaign:

After your prospect fills the opt-in form on your Lead Capture Page
– they will see this site:  –>> HERE

After they confirm their subscription
– they will see this site:  –>> HERE

I have applied the same trick (the same Thank you page for all members)
in another team I am a member of and it works greatly, but you may prefer:

Option 2 – Personal Thank You pages

You may want you can have personalized Thank You pages.

The 1st one  –>> HERE

The 2nd one –>> HERE

The most important benefit of having personalized Thank You pages
is that you start building a relationship with your prospects the moment
they fill the opt-in form and click the “submit” button.

Another benefit – you can place a banner promoting your another program on your Thank You pages.
I never do this – I prefer my prospects concentrate on confirming their subscription
and learning as much as possible about this particular program as soon as possible.
I’m afraid adding banners to other programs on my Thank You pages could
distract my prospects’ attention and they fail to confirm their subscription.

However – I add into about my other programs to my autoresponder letters, and to my capture pages.
How I do this I explain …..

On your 1st Thank You page you can again place your opt-in form
preceded by something like this:
“if you think you entered a wrong email address on the previous page
here’s your last chance to get all the details.”
Click HERE to see the example.

In AIOP – if you try to opt-in to the same campaign with the same address
– AIOP will tell you that you’re already subscribed.

How can you have your own personalized Thank You pages

Step 1

Log into your AIOP account in FireFox/Mozilla browser
Both in Chrome and Opera AIOP Splash Builder doesn’t work correctly.

In your AIOP account  –>>  under “Toolbox”  –>>  Click “Splash Builder”
If you haven’t done this before – the Splash Builder will open in a new tab
and you’ll see this:

As you can see you must start by naming your Page

  • 10 characters at most
  • you won’t be able to change the name of your page
    type something that will allow you to easily identify this particular page in the future,
    when you have more pages created.
    For example: FA-Th1 & FA-Th2

NEVER use the “alternative links” to promote your pages
– these links usually don’t work

When you name your page and click the button “Create Splash Page”,
you will be redirected to the “Template Manager”.

Step 2

1.) Scroll down until you can see this template ==>>
and click the circle (in your AIOP account)
indicated by the red arrow
(in your AIOP you will not see the arrow)

2.) Scroll to the bottom of the page
and click the button “Update Template”.

3.) At the top of the page you’ll see the template
you’ve just chosen.

4.) Scroll to the bottom of the page
and click the button “”Go back to edit page”.

Step 3

Scroll down a bit – until you can see Meta Tags to the left.

As the title type “Thank You”.

Step 4

Scroll down until you can see Main Contents Settings

1. Click HERE (the 1st Thank You page) and HERE (the 2nd Thank You page)

2. Go to the site that just opened in a new tab

3. Press at the same time these 2 keys “Ctrl” and “a” (highlight all)

4. Press at the same time these 2 keys “Ctrl” and “c” (copy)

5. Return to your AIOP Splash Builder

6. Click inside the empty box right to “Area 1 Text 1”

7. Press at the same time these 2 keys “Ctrl” and “v” (paste)

8. Replace “[your name]” with your name, etc.

9. Under the bottom frame of the table delete “Powered by AIOP”

10. Click the grey button “Update Settings”
– you will find it both at the top and at the bottom of AIOP Splash Builder page

11. Click “View your Splash Page”

12. Go to your Thank You page and see if you have done everything correctly.

If you don’t know how to make banners clickable (on the 2nd Thank You page):

Click the banner (while in your AIOP Splash builder)

Click the small button indicated by the red arrow (in the above picture)

A pop-up window will appear:

In the box “Link URL” paste your FAFY AIOP Team link.

As “Target” choose “Open Link in a New Window”

NEVER forget to  ==>> Click the grey button “Update Settings”

Step 5
– Add your Thank You pages to your FAFY AIOP campaign:

1.) Click “Splash Builder” – you should see the table with the pages you’ve just created

2.) Open both Thank You pages by clicking “View Page”

3.) On the main AIOP site, under “Toolbox”  –>>  Click “Autoresponder”

You will see this:

4.) Click “Go in the last row (right to “Fafy-AIOP-Team”)

After you click “go” make sure that you can see the name of your campaign at the top of the page (green arrows).

5.) Below the table click “here” (in your AIOP account) – you will see this:

At the of the page you will see the name of the campaign you are editing right now.

As a “Signup URL”  –>>  paste the link of your 1st Thank You page

Because you have opened this page in your browser – to go it and highlight the whole link that you can see in the browser search box.  You will need to left-click the link  – once or twice.

Then: either right-click your mouse and choose “copy” or press at the same time: “Ctrl” and “c”

To past the link click in the box right to “Signup URL” and paste the link
– either right-click your mouse and choose “paste” or press at the same time: “Ctrl” and “v”.

Click the button “change”

As an “Opt-in URL”  you can see our default Thank You page.

Delete this link and repeat the above steps to paste your own personalized Thank You page.

Don’t forget to click the button “change”.

That’s all.

It’s time now for creating your Lead Capture Pages: