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Fafy Aiop Team with Margaret

Thanks to AIOP tools (and our System)
you can promote any program you want:

  • For example:
    You can create a series of autoresponder messages
    that describe the benefit of your other program.

However, it’s not easy to write good messages, and each
autoresponder series should include at least 7-10 messages.

Fortunately, there are
Easier Methods:

– Below the opt-in form on your Capture Pages,
and also on your Thank you pages,
you can add banner(s) that would redirect to your other programs.

– At the bottom of each of your autoresponder messages
about FAFY AIOP – you can add banners or short text ads
promoting your other programs.

– You can send broadcast messages to your FAFY AIOP leads.
(Broadcast messages – are messages that are sent just once
to all of your prospects in a given campaign).

   – But please – do not spam your prospect by sending them
such additional messages too often.

– To the existing series of messages about FAFY AIOP Team
you can add messages about your other programs.
These messages will be sent on auto-pilot to your prospects
like the messages about FAFY AIOP.