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Fafy Aiop Team with Margaret

Our System works – here’s the Proof:

This is a Success Story of one member of our Team:

Let’s call this member Alan (this is not his real name).

  • Other members may be as successful as Alan is but I can’t know this
    as Alan is the only member whose progress I monitor.

I gave Alan his promotional system on September 15th.

Alan has been promoting a lot since the very beginning
(he has told me he sends to 100’s mailers)

and these are Alan’s statistics on October 23rd:

63111 – clicks to Alan’s Capture Page

123 – clicks to Alan’s 1st Thank You page
(people see it after they fill the opt-in form)

91 – clicks to Alan’s 2nd Thank You page
(people see it after they confirm their subscription)

58 – prospects (leads/subscribers)

7 – referrals (only 1 of his referrals I can’t find on Alan’s list)
this 1 referral might have come from the Team Rotator, or
he might have unsubscribed from Alan’s list after joining AIOP.

4 (at least) other people who are on Alan’s list but joined through the Team Rotator
as AIOP referrals of a random team member.

I say “4 at least” because 4 people who I can find on Alan’s list and are not Alan’s referrals
asked me to set up the system for them.

So, Alan might have given more people to team members.

All this Alan has achieved by promoting like crazy this simple capture page:

Please do not opt-in through the above page – it’s my template.

These are the links I promote:      and

How I make capture pages (the simple one like Alan’s is promoting, and my own)
I explain here (by mid November at the latest, I hope):

==>> Create Your Lead Capture Pages

If you want to achieve success (in any field)

– NEVER count on other people’s efforts.

you are the only one responsible for your success or failure.

As you can see in Alan’s example – you must bring thousands of visits to your capture pages
before you can see any results worth mentioning.

However – what truly puzzles me – is the extremely high conversion rate
or the prospects into new team members.

In the past (for my other team, team that I no longer can recommend)
I did manage to create a capture page that was bringing a lot of prospects.

Unfortunately, these prospects rarely joined our team.

With our FAFY AIOP system the situation is different:
It’s hard to talk people to opt-in through the capture page,
but once they start reading your autoresponder messages
and discover how our rotator works – it’s easy to convert them into the Team members.