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Open this email ONLY if you are serious about building your online biz
(Part 2) ….

Making money online is abs0lutely possible.
So, why so few people are happy with their online income?

Because most of us do it the wrong way.

Most people want to:
1) pay nothing
2) do nothing
3) be rich overnight

This approach doesn’t work.
So they quit their program/business and try another one, and another one.
Always with the same result – no referrals, no money.

There are lots of different teams promising to give you a certain number of referrals.

There are teams that are more honest –
instead of promising to give you referrals, they promise to help you get them.

My experience shows that even in that case too many people prefer
to do nothing and as a result they earn nothing and quit disappointed,
sometimes even accusing the program of being a scam.

I used to jump from a team to another one for quite a few years
until I realized that no matter how great a team is, how great a team rotator is,

if I want to succeed online I must stop counting on others to build my income for me.

If I want to succeed I must stop hoping that other people will create my success.

This is true in any field.
If I want to learn a foreign language, drive a car, play a piano, whatever
– I must put a lot effort into it and spend a lot of time to gain new skills.

I don’t understand why so many people believe
that building an online income is an exception to this rule…