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Yet another reason why I love OnPassive so much:

OnPassive will be fully inheritable / transferable.

Because it is allowed to have multiple Founder accounts
(and then – OnPassive accounts)
some Founders take advantage of this option.

They do this having in mind their spouses, children
and grandchildren.

By the way – I was shocked when I realized how many
elderly citizens of the USA are online in search for income…

While, at the same time, so many people all over the world
are dreaming about emigrating to the North America
because they want a better life for their children…

Well, OnPassive can give better life
— to everyone all over the world

When OnPassive launches the Founders with multiple
Founder positions will create multiple OnPassive accounts,
fund them and transfer them to their spouses, children and grandchildren.

Not necessarily right away.

They may need to wait until
their children or grandchildren turn 18….

Anyway, OnPassive gives an opportunity to all those
who instantly saw the vision (and can afford this)
to secure their offspring’s financial stability today.

And transferring your OnPassive account to another
person (even to a friend) will be a piece of cake.


Please remember OnPassive is a Company that
will do abs0lutely everything for you.


will create for you monthly residual inc0me
even if you decide never do anything.

What’s more,
we will not have to pay out of pocket more
than just once!