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Why I love ONPASSIVE so much

For your information: The pre-launch stage of OnPassive is called GoFounders.

After reading quite a few “unbiased” reviews about ONPASSIVE I decided to write my own.
Partly because what I could read in these “reviews” was just rubbish.

  • Besides,
    I could not resist the temptation
    to tell you more about ONPASSIVE
    fantastic Solution.
    The SOLUTION that will put the end to all our financial worries. 🙂

However, if I am to be honest with you – I cannot really write any ONPASSIVE review.

Why?  Because while the ONPASSIVE Company has already been established
and constantly increases the number of employees,
the online part of ONPASSIVE has not been launched yet,

so reviewing ONPASSIVE would be like reviewing
a virgin flight of a new prototype of an aircraft before this virgin flight took place. 🙂 

Until ONPASSIVE launches even the Founders will not know everything,
so the only thing I can honestly do is to tell you

Why I love ONPASSIVE so much

Well, because of the whole package 🙂
which will allow all the members to HAVE money by doing nothing
(except for showing up of course). 🙂

I have not listed all the ingredients of ONPASSIVE “whole package” –
– only those ingredients that I am allowed to reveal to non-Founders,
and those that are the most important for me – automated traffic is the basic ingredient of course. 🙂

  • Yeah, that is correct, ONPASSIVE is being created in such a way that
    even if you hate promoting, referring, selling, explaining, etc.,
    even if you do not know English,
    you will succeed (HAVE a Monthly Residual Income)
    because ONPASSIVE System is fully automated.
  • Well, not fully 🙂 If you have a question, or need to solve some technical problem
    – you need a real person to assist you.
    ONPASSIVE support staff consists of highly trained and carefully selected people
    whose only task will be offer help to any ONPASSIVE member who needs this help.
  • Already, with GOFOUNDERS, we know how great the support staff is.
    Right now we also have a Leadership Council.  If any Founder has a question related to OnPassive, we may contact any of the Leaders in our Council and you can be sure you receive a correct and thorough answer to your question. 🙂

Some “ingredients” of the ONPASSIVE “whole package”

1) Auto-Pilot high quality traffic
—- I hope I do not have to explain how important for your success
—- is to have a constant flow of traffic (advertising) to your websites 🙂

2) Because one-time out-of-pocket-fee will create
Monthly Residual Income for me, for my referrals, for every one of us,

  • starting from your 2nd month – your subscription will be covered with your earnings,
  • if, by the time the 2nd payment is due, you have not earned enough
    – you will not have access to the product associated with your level (except for the basic product)
    but you will not loose the earning associated with your level!)

3) Because we will pay just once and the initial fee can be very low ($25)

  • any one will afford,
  • none will quit. 

4) Superb Product,
Read More (opens in a new tab)

4) Because ONPASSIVE is NOT a one-man show,
Read More (opens in a new tab)

5) Because ONPASSIVE will be fully inheritable / transferable,
Read More (opens in a new tab)

6) Because what kind of a man (human)
—  Mr. Ash Mufareh (the inventor and CEO of ONPASSIVE) is.

  • Just let me tell you this – once he told us that the income with ONPASSIVE will be unlimited because he hates limits.  This is why (as far as income is concerned):
    • Once, while researching an online company he heard from the owner
      “you do not need an unlimited income because how many breakfasts can you have?”
      Ash’s attitude is:
      “Yes, I can only have a limited number of breakfasts,
      but there is no limit on how many breakfasts I can give away.”
      These are not his exact words, just the meaning that shows his attitude toward wealth
      and because he shares this attitude with the Founders,
      many of us may decide not to have a second aircraft but instead help others. 🙂
  • I love listening to him on our webinars. 
    He is so full of passion (and his passion is truly contagious), dedicated to ONPASSIVE…

I have not mention the Pay Plan above, because

  • even the greatest plan cannot give me a stable income if I struggle with finding referrals
    who struggle even more and quit and I must find new referrals…

Because my ONPASSIVE referrals will not quit, and none of us will have to struggle to find them
– it is enough for me to know that the Pay Plan will be great.

==>> ONPASSIVE Compensation Plan