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What is OnPassive product?

Click HERE for a short video overview.

OnPassive is an IT company.

The product is a suite of highest quality tools that
every online market needs to develop and expand
their online biz.

But not only online marketers.

  • There is a tool that every business owner
    would love to have because this tool will allow
    him to remotely control everything that’s
    happening with his company!

OnPassive employes many IT specialists
(and their numbers are constantly growing)
whose only task is to invent and create all the tools.

And – if it’s only possible – the tools are driven
by Artificial Intelligence.

(this is science fiction for me…)

Every OnPassive tool will be separately advertised
by the Company.

What does it mean for us, the members?

  • There are people who are looking not for a money making opportunity,
    but are interested in the tools.

Firstly, with OnPassive they will find all the tools under one roof.

Secondly, to use any of these tools,
they will have to become a free OnPassive affiliate.

Because the OnPassive pay plan is really awesome,
most of these people will decide to upgrade.

And this, alone, is (in my opinion) the real guarantee
of OnPassive success.


I must confess that until I heard about ONPASSIVE University
while thinking about the products of this Company, I was not thrilled.
I used to think “what a big deal???, will people want to join???”

Then, all of the sudden, I realized this:

There is one biz online that was launched long time ago – in the year of 2000.

The only product is an unlimited autoresponder accompanied by an “interesting pay plan”.
Okay, besides an autoresponder they can host for you (for free) capture pages.

But – these capture pages must be created on their templates, and… well…
they might have been great back in 2000 but not today…

The autoresponder itself – although it has some very useful features,
I prefer another autoresponder where I do not waste any of my efforts
because for some reason more people confirm their subscription,
and I receive email addresses also of those who never confirmed their subscription.

“Interesting Pay Plan” – to fully profit from it you must maintain 10 paid referrals
plus you must bring at least one new paid referral every month.

For me this biz (autoresponder + pay plan) – this is NOT a great solution!

However, I know new people are joining constantly.
(The problem is – majority of them quit fast).

My conclusion – even if in ONPASSIVE we only had an autoresponder,
but with a pay plan that encourages people to stay, I wouldn’t be worried
for ONPASSIVE long-standing bright future!

And we know that besides an autoresponder and page maker
(I believe both will surpass the described above),
ONPASSIVE will have other tools as well.
Some of these tools will be useful (to say the least) not only by online marketers.