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Yet another reason why I love OnPassive so much:

OnPassive is NOT a one-man show.

In happened to me in the past
(both offline and online)

that the owner of the company I joined
has changed his mind as to what he wanted to do.

Offline – I was forced to look for another job.

Online – all my efforts and time I spent to build that biz
… well, everything went into a drain….

I was forced to start everything again from scratch.


I am online because I must have a stable monthly inc0ome.

To have such an inc0me I need a stable company.

OnPassive has been created in such a way.

Ash Mufareh (the inventor, creator and CEO)
told us recently that very soon, even if something
happens to him (God forbids) it won’t affect the Company.

Also, he told us that
“Only God can stop ONPASSIVE from happening”
(I read it this way – only a world-wide disaster)
because the works of all major products are almost finished.


Please remember OnPassive is a Company that
will do abs0lutely everything for you.


will create for you monthly residual inc0me
even if you decide never do anything.

What’s more,
we will not have to pay out of pocket more
than just once!