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What will happen when OnPassive launches?

Firstly – the date of ONPASSIVE launch is still unknown.
Most probably it will happen before the end of 2020.
Definitely not before everything is ready beyond perfection. 🙂

What will happen when OnPassive launches?

This is what I know for sure:
Everyone (both Founders and all new members)
will start by creating a FREE account,
so that
we could look around,
discover how fantastic is the Solution
created for us by ONPASSIVE creators (Mr. Ash Mufareh) Smile.
As soon as you decide you want to earn money
you will pay the one-time $25.
I can’t give you any details about ONPASSIVE Compensation Plan
because at the end of August 2020 Mr. Ash Mufareh told us
he has changed the Pay Plan completely and it will be lucrative
beyond imagination
. 🙂
This is what you can be 100% sure about:
ONPASSIVE Comp Plan is construed in such a way that 
==>> even if you hate recruiting,

==>> even if all you can spend is $25 and only once
————— your success will be guaranteed. 🙂

Disclaimer: No legitimate company can guarantee you anything. 
But … contrary to any other online biz where the disclaimer says
“your results will depend on your efforts (how much you promote)”
(because all hard work – including promoting – will be done by the Company)
your efforts – although they will speed up the process of building your income –
–                         are not required.

Previous Pay Plan assumed that there will be 4 levels:
(you cannot skip any level)
1st — $25
2nd — $150 ($25 + $125)
3rd — $400 ($25 + $125 + $250)
4th — $900 ($25 + $125 + $250 + $500)
I decided to mention these amounts because:
  1. if you search the net, the previous pay plan is widely discussed.
    Just please remember – it is no longer valid … What we receive will be even more lucrative.
  2. I have no idea about the new Plan but these amounts may indicate how much money
    you may need if you prefer to start less modestly.
    For example:  I accumulated $400 (thanks to my other online sources) to start at the 3rd level.
Previous Plan assumed advancement to the next level either by
(1) paying out of pocket once, or
(2) waiting until your earnings will allow you for the automatic advance.
If you start with just the 1st level ($25) (previous plan)
as a product you will receive:
— your own domain (you will have to choose it by yourself)
    together with unlimited hosting.
You will NOT receive any traffic at this level.
But if you are a founder – the Company will still promote for you!
Traffic starts with the 2nd level ($150).
We don’t know yet what other products will be associated
with the levels 2-4 (besides more traffic).


Please remember OnPassive is a Company that
will do abs0lutely everything for you.

will create for you monthly residual income
even if you decide never do anything
(except for showing up of course Smile).

PLUS – you will pay out of pocket just once!