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Most Immediate Benefits of Building Your List

Hi again,

Let’s talk about the Most Immediate Benefits of Building Your List

Each time a new person opts-in through the form on your capture page
(and confirms their subscription by clicking the special link in an email they receive from AIOP)

you receive an email from “sjon” with this subject line:
“You have a new prospect at AIOP Response”

No matter how many such emails I receive – I am always very excited.

Because I know that :

– What I’m doing works!

– I know whether my advertising efforts bring me results or not:
– if I receive a lot of emails about new prospects – I know I don’t waste my efforts.
– if I promote a lot but receive just a few or no such emails – it means I must look for other ways to promote.

Of course, I always must promote a lot to receive emails from “sjon”
because if I stop promoting I can’t expect to continue receiving these emails…

Each new prospect means a new chance for me to make some money
or at least grow my downline in a free-to-join program (one of my safelists for example).