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More benefits of promoting a capture page

– You are building YOUR list
– When you are building your list – YOU are building YOU!

» People interested to know more will be on your list!

» You give them a chance to get used to you,
– it’s very important for many people to start trusting you
before they are ready to follow you by joining any of your programs

» You give them time to thoroughly study the benefits of your offer,

Very few people are willing to join a new program or team
the first moment they see it.

If you don’t promote a capture page – you waste your efforts
as the majority of people who see a site without opt-in form
don’t have time to peruse your offer the moment they see it.
You are losing the opportunity to show your offer to these people!

» You can tell all people on your list about all your other programs,
about your methods to promote, etc.

» Let’s imagine that a year (or 3 years) from now
you discover a new great biz.

This is what you will do:

You will write a message about your new biz.
You will send it to everyone on your list
with one click of your mouse!

If you promote through safelists you noticed that each time a new safelist is launched – all existing safelists are flooded with emails from people who joined this new safelist and are looking for referrals.

When you have a list – you can send an email about this new safelist to your list with just (almost) one click!