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How can you promote any biz with FAFY AIOP “Done-For-You” system

Thanks to AIOP tools you can promote any program you want.

For example:
You can create a series of autoresponder letters
that describe the benefits of your other program(s).

However, it’s not easy to write good letters, and each
autoresponder series should include at least 7-10 letters
(because money is in the Follow Up).

Fortunately, there are
Easier Methods:

– At the bottom of autoresponder letters you receive from us
– you can add banners or short text ads promoting your other programs.
(see the example of the bottom of this letter.

You can send broadcast messages to all your leads.
(Broadcast messages – are messages that are sent just once
to all of your prospects in a given campaign).

– To the existing series of letters you can add letters
about your other programs.
These additional letters will be sent on auto-pilot
to all your prospects like the letters about FAFY AIOP.

Because from AIOP you receive not only an unlimited autoresponder,
but also an unlimited page builder
– you can create your own capture pages and your own thank you pages.

– Below the opt-in form on your Capture Pages,
and also on your Thank you pages,
you can add banner(s) that would redirect to your other programs.


FAFY (Free Advertising For You)
one of my favorite places to promote my programs