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Why you may want to become a Founder with OnPassive?

 As a Founder you will be able to discover a lot more
about OnPassive than can be revealed to non-Founders.

 You can request the refund any time,

Some time prior to the launch,
    the Company will start marketing campaigns
    for the Founders.

  • You will ONLY participate in the campaigns that start AFTER you become a Founder.

The Company will continue promoting for the Founders even after the launch!
    – during the whole year since OnPassive launch!

These additional campaigns will be financed by the Company!
(at least most of them – some may be financed from the Founder’s fee)

Please understand
– the Company cannot guarantee you any sign-ups during the pre-launch.

Once we launch – the story will be different.
Partly because this is what people will be asked to do – Just create a FREE account!
Your success will almost be guaranteed!Smile

While any honest Company cannot give any guarantees, when
(1) a one-time out-of-pocket payment has a potential to create a full time monthly income, and
(2) the company constantly advertises for us, and (3) the product is so great
– I cannot see (having in mind just these 3 features) a chance for a failure. 🙂

New founders are joining like crazy
– about 1000 new founders every day (over 162,500 as of August 26th, 2020).

The date when you join will be important once OnPassive launches.
The sooner you join the higher you will be placed in the Company-forced structure…

You will remain the Founder until the 1st anniversary of OnPassive Launch.

To become a Founder, please visit:

You also be able to listen to the very first two messages
by Mr. Ash Mufareh (the inventor, creator and CEO).
These two messages made me become a Founder
right away (almost 2 years ago).


OnPassive = Totally and Absolutely Done-For-You
100% Auto-Pilot System that includes
Quality Traffic and Superb Compensation Plan
(one-time out-of-pocket fee but residual monthly income)
the following months the subscription will be deducted from your earnings.


 If you have a business or product you want to promote
– you will receive (besides automated quality traffic)
all the marketing tools you may ever need (or even not need Wink).

You see, we will have all these tools at our disposal,
but we will use them only if we want to.
We will never have to!!


Too good to be true? – Decide yourself:

This webinar was made by the Founders not the Company creators.

If, after watching the Webinar
you have any questions – I will do my best to answer them,
but we are not allowed to reveal all we know to non-founders.

To Your Success (whatever your decision)