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Do NOT open this email if you are not serious about building your online biz….

Is it possible to make money online?

Would it be a piece of cake?

Although I don’t want to scare you off,
at the same time I don’t want to give you any false promises.

If from the very beginning you know the reality
– you will not be disappointed. 🙂

If you are with a program where you are building your downline
(and most online programs are structured that way)
you must be prepared that – no matter what – some of your referrals
will do nothing and quit if the program has a monthly subscription.

If it is a one-time payment – hoping that all your downline members
will help you build your downline is also an impossible dream.

However, if you are determined, persistent and do not rely on others
to build your success for you – you will succeed, no matter what.

I used to jump from one team to another one, each time I had to start from a scratch…
As a result I’m not making much money online yet.

And the reason is very simple – I’m guilty of not being consistent.

I know people who follow my advice and (contrary to me) are better off than I am! 🙂

The AIOP account I created when I joined FAFY AIOP Team is my final AIOP account.

By the way, my first AIOP account I opened on February 2nd, 2016…
I joined FAFY AIOP Team 3 years later.

One of the reasons I changed the teams
(and each time I had to open a new AIOP account)
was that my previous teams disappeared because of unrealistic promises).

FAFY AIOP Team does not give unrealistic promise.
We do not promise to give you 4 referrals
– we promise you to help you get them!

Besides, I know the creator of our team well enough to know
that only a very unfortunate event (God forbid!) will make him disappear…

However, in this worst case scenario I will not be forced to look for another team help to build my biz.

Today I am finally able to continue what I’m doing online without help of any team.
On top of this – I’m able to offer my help to anyone who wants to build their business
by building their list with AIOP autoresponder.