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Fafy Aiop Team with Margaret

Best way to build your income with FAFY AIOP Team

From FAFY AIOP Team you will receive (with time) 4 paid referrals.
4 Paid referrals suffice to earn you (with time) a very nice
monthly income.

  • You can promote your own Team Link forever.
    You just won’t receive more than 4 referrals from the Team Rotator.

However, if you have ever tried to build your online income with any other program,
you know that people –
if they don’t see any positive results fast – they tend to quit fast.

In AIOP you can easily help your downline members to have their 1st referral faster.

This is very important because with just 1 referral (downline member)
monthly subscription fee drops down to just $2!

>> When you promote your personal team link you are helping your downline members
—- to the same extend as you are helping other team members:

—–– because every 3rd click goes to a random member of our team
—–– this link could belong to your downline member (or to you!)

>> You may choose to promote the links that belong to your downline members as well.

When you promote the link of your downline member (Tom)
– you increase Tom’s chance to have his 1st referral faster,
– you increase your chance to keep Tom with you….
– even if Tom started passively, receiving his 1st referral may inspire him to action.
He will start promoting and passing up to you his even referrals. 🙂

  • To promote multiple links you will need a rotator.
    ——- You can use AIOP rotator or LeadsLeap for example.
    Besides free rotators LeadsLeaps also offers free tracking & advertising.
  • Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with rotators – we can help you.

At first you will only have your link on this rotator.
In the future you will add your downline members links as well.

Let’s say that Tom is your 1st referral.
– Because Tom is your odd referral he stays with you as your downline member.

My suggestion:

1) Add Tom’s team link to your own rotator.

Let’s say that your AIOP userename is bobaiop
and your FAFY username is bobfafy.

Your Team link will look like this one:

In your AIOP back office under “REFERRALS”
Click “Show downline” and you will know Tom’s username
– you will also know whether Tom will keep his next referral or will pass him/her up to you
– you will also see who referred the passed up to you downline members.

Also – whenever you have a new referral or a passed up downline member
AIOP will send you a relevant message.

If right now you can’t understand what I’m saying above,
after you have your first passed up member you will understand this. 🙂

2) After Tom passes up to you his 2nd referral (Ann)
– remove Tom’s link from your rotator and enter Ann’s link there.

The less links in your rotator the faster your new member receives their 1st referral.
After you remove Tom from your rotator – Tom will continue being on the Team rotator
and he will receive his 3rd and 4th referrals from the Team rotator.
Tom will pass up to your his 4th referral.

>> No matter what link you promote – only half*)
—-of new people can become your downline members.

  • When you promote your own link – you can only keep half of your
    referrals (the other half you pass up to your sponsor).
  • When you promote a link that belongs to your downline member (Tom)
    – one new person that joins through this link stays with Tom,
    the 2nd new person becomes your downline member.

*) We have to remember that some people who join through any link you promote
may join AIOP under another random member of our Team.

  • And that’s great because efforts of other team members
    can give
    a referral to you or to your downline member!

But I can’t say:
“It doesn’t matter for you whose link you promote – your own or your downline member’s link.”
Because it counts a lot!!

After you made an effort and referred Tom – do your best to assure that Tom will stay with you
so that you can earn $10 month after month.