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Fafy Aiop Team with Margaret

Your own autoresponder campaign

To correctly set up our FAFY AIOP Team campaign
==>> Please only follow the directions below:
(don’t follow the directions in your AIOP back office – we had to apply a slightly different method.)

I can set up our campaign for you.
my email address:
I will need:
– your FAFY username, and
—–     ———-– your AIOP username and password.

Step 1
– Create your campaign and add autoresponder letters to it:

1.) Log into your AIOP account

2.) Under “TOOLBOX”  –>>  click “Autoresponder” (opens in a new window)

3.) Under “Campaigns”  –>>  click “Ready made campaigns”

4.) Scroll down until you can see this:

5.) Fill the empty fields:

Campaign ID – this is for your eyes only – type here something that will let you recognize your FAFY AIOP campaign easily, for example “FafyAiop”.

Campaign Name – type here your own name

Campaign Email address – type here your own email address (gmail is always the best choice).
– You don’t have to use the same address as you created your AIOP account with.
For each of your campaigns you can use another email address.

If you created your AIOP account with abcd @gmail. com – all correspondence from AIOP (notifications about your new referrals and downline members, AIOP updates) will always arrive at this address.

Notifications from “sjon” about your new prospects (people who opted-in through your Lead Capture Page and confirmed their subscription) will arrive at the address you entered in the “Campaign Email address” field.

Userename or ID  ->>  FafyAiop2

Campaign Number  ->>  95040

6.) Click “Submit” – you will be taken to a page that lists all the campaigns you created in your AIOP account:

7.)  Click “Go in the last row (right to “Fafy-AIOP-Team”)

After you click “go” make sure that you can see the name of your campaign at the top of the page (green arrows).

  • As you can see I named this campaign “test1”.
  • As you can see I use different email addresses (and different names) for different campaigns.
  • You can also see that I have very few prospects – it’s because I have not been promoting a lot.
    Please rest assured that I’ve been “rewarded” for my laziness – I have only one downline member.
    It’s also because that I rarely informed Jason that I’d prolonged my AIOP subscription,
    so he couldn’t add my link to the rotator…

8.) Under “Prospects” –>> Click “Variables”  –>>  You will see this:

1. In the 1st box “Variable Name”  –>>  type  link

2. Into the 2nd box “Predefined Value”  –>>  paste your FAFY AIOP Team link

  • Please remember to replace (in the above link):
    • “AIOP” with your own AIOP username,
    • “FAFY” with your own FAFY username.

Instead of your long team link you may want to enter a tracking link.

3. Click “Add Variable”

You can change the link you promote any time – you may want to promote a link that belongs to your downline member instead of your own link, or – instead of having such a long link in your autoresponder letters you may choose to use a tracking link.

NEVER promote your direct AIOP link – your referrals won’t be members of our team
and won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of our Team’s benefits.

4. Create a 2nd variable

1 – In the 1st box “Variable Name”  –>>  type  fafylink

2 – Into the 2nd box “Predefined Value”  –>>  paste your favorite FAFY link (either one of splash pages or your main promotional link.

3 – Click “Add Variable”


If you click the box indicated by the red arrow and then “Delete Selected Variables” – you will delete the existing link.

Instantly create a new Variable with your link:

1. In the 1st box “Variable Name”  –>>  type  link

2. Into the 2nd box “Predefined Value”  –>>  paste your tracking link for example


Step 2
– Thank You pages

Step 3
– Lead Capture Pages