I Have Found My Solution – ONPASSIVE!

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Margaret (Malgorzata) Bukojemska and I am from Poland (Europe).

I am online in search for the solution to my financial problems.

Because, if I do not want to one day start living in the street,
I must find a way to HAVE a monthly income.

I do not need to be rich.  $2,000 a month would suffice (after taxes),
but I must know I can get paid that much month after month
till the very last month of my life… and I must receive this money
even when I am no longer able to do anything…

Because years ago I made one irresponsible decision,
I am no longer able to find such an income offline…

I have been trying to create such an online income since the beginning of 2016
and today I would like to share with you what I’ve learned about making money online.

At first I believed that earning money online is a piece of cake and anyone can be successful.

Then I realized the truth:

Since I cannot create my own product or program,

this is what I must do (at least): I must build (and constantly grow) my contact list

(1) I must create my own/unique capture pages,
(2) write my own content (my own autoresponder messages).
—- If I want my subscribers (people on my list) want to read my emails,
—- what I am writing about must be of value to them.
And then
(3) I must promote like crazy.

Of course it takes time to learn how to do everything listed above
(writing valuable messages is especially difficult)
to have at least some results…

It takes a lot of time and constant effort to have a list big enough to truly profit from it
(I have heard you should have at least 10,000 subscribers – responsive subscribers)

If my earnings depend on the number of people in my organization
(the less I am paid for every person in my downline – the bigger my downline must be)
I must rely on the efforts of those people…

In other words: 

(4)  I must find people who want to do the same…
And this is impossible, because of many reasons…

That is why
when I was told about
(that the Company will promote for the members)
with no hesitation
I paid the founder fee


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I must confess something, although I became a Founder a long time ago (on October 6th, 2018),
only very recently I started seriously promoting OnPassive.

I was joining other businesses hoping to earn some money right now. 
How successful I was?  Well, only this year I wasted some $500…

Among these “other businesses” there are two that also promise to promote for the members.

One of them has not launched yet, we will have to pay $50 a month until we break even.
Because ONPASSIVE solution exceeds this business also in other areas,
I don’t believe people will join as willingly as they become Founders with Onpassive.

The other biz already exists.  And yes, we receive as many free affiliates as we pay for.
But most of these affiliates are newbies with no knowledge of English
(and the way how everything is explained here is highly inadequate)
as a result only those who promote themselves can hope for any positive results…